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Adonis X.O. Brandy (case of 6 bottles)


High quality Brandy, with a light golden colour, and aromas of caramel and chocolate.
Its 15 years of maturation in Barrel are evident in its pleasant taste, its complexity in character and its final warm and velvety taste.

Afames 62 Red Dry
(Case of 6 Bottles)

Dry Red Wine

This is a medium bodied dry red wine of about 12.5% alcohol by vol. produced from selected grapes, with the addition of some Cabernet Sauvignon, which are grown on the southern slopes of the Troodos mountain range.

Afames Dry Red Wine
(Case of 12 Bottles)

The grapes in this very popular medium bodied dry red wine come from the best red grape region in Cyprus, slopes of South Troodos Mount, which are known for the excellent quality of their grapes and their famous climate, ideal for vineyards.

Alios Muscat (Moschatos Liastos)

TASTING NOTES A ripe and fruity white wine made from the famous Muscat (or Moscato) (of Alexandria) carefully chosen to give a very modern well balanced high quality white naturally sweet wine. The grapes are Sun dried to evaporate the excess moisture and naturally concentrate the sugar content giving a perfect balanced sweet Wine. IN […]

Arsinoe 62 White Dry
(Case of 6 Bottles)

Dry White Wine

A dry white wine produced from specially selected grapes of the indigenous Xynisteri variety, grown in the Laona region of Paphos, the western part of the Island.

Arsinoe White Dry
(Case of 12 Bottles)

A distinguished wine, unique for its delicate character, its pleasant fruity taste and its natural Xynisteri aroma. Arsinoe derives its name from the ancient Egyptian Queen (Cleopatras Sister) who was given the Island of Cyprus as a dowry, when she was married of to Cyprus, and who also gave her name to a town near the Polis Chrysochous area.

Danae Red Medium Dry
(Case of 12 Bottles)

This fresh medium dry red wine is a blend of the local grape, Mavro with the best varieties grown here in Cyprus, to give an excellent example of modern wine-making.
Fruity, vibrant and long lasting flavour to complement the exquisite nose, is the main characteristic of this wine.

Danae White Medium Dry
(Case of 12 Bottles)

TASTING NOTES This is a fresh medium dry white wine of about 12% alcohol by vol. produced primarily from the Cyprus Xynisteri grapes, which are grown on the western part of the Island, the district of Paphos. It is bright and zesty, full of an exploding aromatic character, and well balanced taste. IN THE VINEYARD Soil Type:  […]

Island Vines Red Dry
(Case of 12 Bottles)

A ripe and fruity red wine made with an extended maceration from Cyprus Mavro, Mattaro, Grenache, Carignan, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, carefully chosen and blended to give a very satisfying red.