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Adonis X.O. Brandy (case of 6 bottles)


High quality Brandy, with a light golden colour, and aromas of caramel and chocolate.
Its 15 years of maturation in Barrel are evident in its pleasant taste, its complexity in character and its final warm and velvety taste.

OUZO Extra Fine (case of 12 bottles)

The unique character of the Greek Islands is embedded in this fantastic distillate, and it
curries us into long Greek Summers by the Mediterranean Sea.
Together with the incomparable Greek or Cyprus Meze, they comprise a smashing duo.

V.S.O.P. Brandy (case of 12 bottles)


Brandy with rich luscious caramel colour, and a delicate floral nose, and an aftertaste full of caramel, chocolate and toffee.
Perfectly balanced taste and aroma that remains long and satisfying.

Zivania tou Vraka (Kamanterena)

Traditional Zivania of an excellent quality, with a pleasant aroma and wonderful warm taste that returns to the origin of grapes.
It can be drunk as an Aperitif or freezer cold, accompanying the famous Cyprus Meze.