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Kamanterena Shiraz Red Dry
(Case of x Bottles)

Dry Red Wine

This excellent Shiraz has a deep brick red colour with an intense maroon and purple hue.

Kamanterena Xynisteri / Semillon
(Case of 12 Bottles)

TASTING NOTES The blend of the Local Xynisteri with the French Semillon gives us pale green wines, with predominant citrus fruit aromatic character, with the presence of green apple, pear and honey. Intense lively tastes with just enough acidity and alcohol to give a well balanced wine that leaves a lasting aftertaste. IN THE VINEYARD […]

Kamanterena Xynisteri White Dry
(Case of 6 Bottles)

Paphos Varietal Dry White Wine

Made 100% from Xynisteri, this wine is a crier of the variety potential.
Light lemon and lime in colour, this vibrant wine has touches green apple and banana with attractive citric notes on the nose.

Muscat White Sweet
(Case of 6 Bottles)

Paphos Regional Sweet White Wine

A ripe and fruity white wine made from the famous Muscat (or Moscato) (of Alexandria) carefully chosen to give a very modern well balanced consistently high quality white liqueur wine, to please every palate.

SODAP Cabernet Sauvignon
(Case of 12 Bottles)

Paphos Regional Dry Red Wine

Deep Cherry red colour, lovely pepper aromas with ripe plum fruit and a hint of chocolate.